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26Jul 16
Lynden Grove – Cardiff Heights Retirement Community

What are respite care homes?

Respite care homes - what are they and what do they provide? Respite care homes are typically short-term stay accommodation for individuals that cannot care entirely for themselves. Accommodation can be provided for short periods of care if you, or your carer, need to have a short-term break. Respite care…

16Jul 16
Lynden Grove – Cardiff Heights Retirement Community

Retirement Communities and How They Can Benefit You

You are not getting any younger, and the time will come for you to start preparing for your retirement. Retiring doesn’t necessarily concern just your financial capacity but you also need to consider your health. One of the easiest ways to really stay healthy as you’re getting older is to…

12Jul 16
Glenhaven Gardens Retirement Community

Respite Care or Short stays in Aged Care Homes

Respite care or Aged Care Respite also known as ‘short-term care’ is a type of aged care that helps your carer to have that opportunity to attend to some of their everyday activities or to go on holidays. This is a form of support for you and to your carer.…

01Jul 16
Elouera Gardens - Cherrybrook Retirement Community

Nursing Homes and Planning your Retirement Years

Aiming for a better life in your retirement years? At CBCS, we help you plan your aged care. As the need arises, we offer a variety of services to meet your individual needs: independent living, residential care or nursing care. When planning your retirement, you can never be over-informed. It…

20Jun 16
Groves House – Cardiff Heights Aged Care Facility

How to find the Best Aged Care, Sydney

As you prepare for retirement, it can be difficult to grasp the significance of this life-transition. You have been working towards retirement for decades and there is much to consider as you plan your future. It is both exciting and a little bit daunting but creating a plan for your…

08Jun 16
Carinya House – Glenhaven Aged Care Facility

What do aged care facilities provide?

What are aged care facilities and what services do they provide? As we get older, our social and physical needs, and our values often change. A time may come when a person needs to decide whether their current living arrangements meet their needs. If you or a loved-one are no…

24May 16
Glenhaven Gardens Retirement Community

Retirement Villages and Retirement Living

A retirement village is any residential complex predominantly occupied by retired persons aged over 55 years who have entered into a contract owner or operator of the village. Elouera Gardens Christian Retirement Village, Glenhaven Gardens and Lynden Grove are three of approximately 595 retirement villages across NSW, accommodating more than…

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