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18May 16
What Does Aged Care Mean And How Does It Apply To Elderly People?

What Does Aged Care Mean and How Does it Apply to Elderly People?

Aged care is a term that describes services provided to older Australians who need day-to-day support and nursing care. Broadly, there are two categories of aged care: Home Care Services, and Residential Care Services. Aged care provides help and support to older Australians as they move through their latter years…

05May 16
Aged Care Homes (nursing Homes)

Aged Care Homes (nursing homes)

As you grow older, you may find that you need more help with day-­to­-day tasks or health care. If you are living on your own and are not able to get out-and-about as easily as you used to, you may want some extra company. Sometimes, the best way to receive…

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