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What is Respite care?

Respite care commonly known as ‘short-term care’ is a form of support for an older person and their primary carer. Carers need a break too. Sometimes your carer may need to take a break for leisure purposes or to focus on personal everyday tasks they need to fulfill. Whether you are receiving care from a loved one or someone who acts as your primary carer, this time away is necessary.

Respite care is essentially an alternative form of care in which a temporary carer may come to your home and help you so that you are still able to go about your daily activities freely.

Depending on your needs, you might only want respite care for a few hours, a day or two or even a couple of weeks. Whichever you choose, access to these specific services are dependent on your eligibility. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may sometimes come up and your carer may be temporarily unavailable. Whatever the reason, our hope is that you to receive the support you deserve as needed. At CBCS respite care is available for you and your carer. You don’t have to do this alone, CBCS has a variety of respite care options to support you.

The respite services in our residential aged care facilities at CBCS encompass the full spectrum of care and services. These include personal, nursing, medication management, lifestyles as well as essential services such as catering, cleaning, and laundry. These respite services are available to all eligible aged persons who have been assessed and approved by ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team). Find out more about this at ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team).

At CBCS, all our residential aged care facilities have respite care services. The availability and extension of stay depends on bed availability and timing. Booking and respite fees are chargeable before or upon respite care admission. For anyone looking to use these services, they should contact each of our facilities directly to receive an application form, conditions and further details.

Why Respite Care?

Carers need a break too. Caring for someone is a full-time commitment and can be heavy on the primary carer, physically, mentally, and emotionally. At CBCS, we want to take that pressure off. We understand that looking after the well-being of others starts with looking after yourself well. Time away will help the carer regroup and refresh. In such cases, respite care is available for you and your carer.

The role of the carer can be challenging at times and often doesn’t leave room for much else. If you are being looked after by a loved one, family or friends and are wanting a break from your usual care arrangement, CBCS is happy to step in and allow your carer to take a break. This encompasses short stays in our residential aged care facilities where you can get up to 63 days of respite care per year.

There is often a strong bond formed in the relationship between the carer and the person being cared for, so leaving residents in our care is not always easy for carers. Our CBCS team are highly experienced and mindful of this. CBCS make others top priority, while giving our very best with what is in front of us, our team is up for the challenge and ready to do all that they can to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of and feel like they are right at home.


Would you like to know more?

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